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Powerkiten and Kitefight

Event description

 On the beach in Amsterdam we have a great event, Power kiting and kite fighting. Take to the air using the latest in kite design and feel the power of the wind while you learn how to control the big kites. Our instructors will guide you through all the aspects involved with this new and exciting form of kiting.

Kite Fight
This day begins with a warming-up session, a kite fight competition. Using single line fight kites the aim is to bring down your opponents kite in the air. You decide which tactics work best for you. If you manage to keep your kite in one piece then it's yours to take home. A great way to start an interactive kiting day! After this warming-up session it is time to bring out the BIG kites and really get to work!

Power Kiting / Instructions
We start of with the basics, an overview of the kites we will be using, the important safety rules and how to control the kites once they are in the air. The parachute kites are the newest designs, made of lightweight materials, aerodynamic and very agile. We have a kite to suit everyone and almost every weather and wind condition. Those of you looking for a real challenge, we have the larger powerful kites, if you would rather perform tricks and turns we have a more agile kites. In this 2 hour event everyone will learn how to use these kites. Anyone ready for a kite Jump!

Programm Example

  • Welcome
  • Event briefing
  • Warming-up kite fight (optional)
  • Big Kite instructions
  • End of program


2 hours


  • Amsterdam (IJburg)

Prices starting at

  • Power Kiting 10 - 25 persons€ 25,00 p.p.
  • Power Kiting 25 - 40 persons € 22,50 p.p.
  • Power Kiting more than 40 persons - on request

Costs extensions

  • Warming-up Kite Fight €3,50 p.p.


Year round 7 days a week. (subject to booking availability)

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