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Pub Quiz

Event description

This Pub Quiz is always a big success! Have a relaxing evening with your team during a nice drink. Who ends this Pub Quiz with the most points and can call their team the best? 

Let's the games begin, we will make this Pub Quiz one big party. Under the security of a real quiz master and with a refreshing drink at hand, each team will strive to answer a round of questions. Question rounds will include general knowledge, photo recognition, and a music quiz. Each correct answer will be rewarded with points, the team with the most points and the end of the quiz has bragging rights for the rest of the evening! 

The Amsterdam Pub Quiz rounds; 

Question round: The quizmaster will select the questions. Which of the brainiacs in your group has the correct answer? Don't discuss it too loudly or the other groups may hear you. Who has the most correct answers at the end of the round? 

Video round: We will show you different photo's and video's and you have to guess. Football; will he score the ball or not? The Flying Bus; does it land or not? But also carefully watch all the details in this video's and photo's because, in the end, we can ask you about some details. 

Foto recognition: Are you able to piece the photos together for the correct answer? Hurry up, because the team next to you is almost finished! 

Music Quiz: The Quizmaster will play fragments of popular (and not so popular) music. Fragments will get shorter as the game progresses, do you recognize the music? Do you the song and the artist of this music? 

Bonus round: Due to the time we are able to do an extra bonus round, this can be different kind of rounds. 

Programm Example

  • We welcome you at one of our locations
  • Quiz briefing
  • Split into teams
  • Pub Quiz
  • Prize giving


1.5 hours


  • Amsterdam*
*Possibility to host this event at a location of your choice.

Prices starting at

  • Pub Quiz Amsterdam 10 - 25 persons€ 18.50 p.p.
  • Pub Quiz Amsterdam 25 - 50 persons € 16.00 p.p.
  • Pub Quiz Amsterdam 50 - 100 persons € 13.50 p.p. 

Costs extensions

  • Drinks package (on request)
  • Extra question rounds with own questions (on request)


This activity is available throughout the whole year, at all days of the week (due to availability). 

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