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Amstel Boathouse

Maybe the most beautiful location in Amsterdam. Between the Amstel and the Martin Luther King Park it is the best spot to experience an exciting tour or relaxing on the waters. In addition, the Amstel Boathouse offers many different areas for each group and opportunity, the have a lot of possibilities to experience a great day! 

Finally, it is the ideal location for a day of intense work to shut down with a delicious dinner. 

The Amstel Boathouse is available throughout the whole year for our extensive range of activities. 

  • Click here for our different activities at the Amstel Boathouse.
  • Click here for more information about the Amstel Boathouse. 
With free parking places close to the Amstel Boathouse, the Boathouse is easily accessible with a car. Besides that, with public transport, the Boathouse is easily accessible. 

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