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Top 5 activities

Our top five most popular events

Fun Curling Amsterdam
Fun curling, an original company trip in Amsterdam! With our 'fun' curling competition we will give you a high 'fun' experience; this activity is not too serious but is very nice and fun to do.
Ice Sculpting Amsterdam
Having fun with ice and cutting in the ice. Hammer, Chisel, sanding and planing with an iceblock, that will be the best fun on the ice.
Après Ski Quiz Amsterdam
The craziest quiz in Amsterdam, this will be one big party! Winter tip for a fun and nice company trip and group company.
Party on Ice Amsterdam
Cheer up your winter event with fun team building activities on ice! Play different kind of games at the ice court in Amsterdam.
iPad City Game
Experience Amsterdam in a fun and interactive way during our iPad City Game. Compete with teams against each other and make the craziest pictures during this fun city game in Amsterdam. This is the city game that you have to be done!
Impression Amsterdam