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Car Puzzle Tour Amsterdam

Event description

During this car puzzle tour, it is not about speed but about the knowledge, orientation skills and giving the right instructions to the chauffeur. The chauffeur is one of you! You are going on an adventure in the surroundings of Amsterdam during this car puzzle tour. What do you need for this event? Your car and a full tank of petrol, we will take care of the rest.

During the event briefing, each team will be given a folder with a cryptic route description, satellite photos and a series of challenges. The route will take you through the scenic Vecht district incl. Muiden en Weesp. To successfully complete the route you will have to solve all the puzzles along the way. Will you be in the winning car?

Add extra challenges to the puzzel tour? We offer the following options;

Segway Challenge: The Segways have become very popular in the Netherlands. These electric two-wheelers are controlled by using your body weight. In this fun event, you will get acquainted with this unique vehicle. Everyone will learn how to drive the Segway and try to complete an obstacle course. The best team will earn the bonus points.

Music Quiz: One of our instructors will be waiting for you somewhere along the route with a hi-fi installation. Cue the music.....Who will guess the correct songs during the music quiz? A great competitive assignment to include during your event.                                                                                                                          

Car Bowling: Ingredients include a huge rubber ball, 10 bowling pins and of course some space to bowl in. When all the teams have arrived the fun can begin. Teams will take it, in turn, to throw the ball, not with your brain or your muscles but by utilizing the horsepowers in your car!                                                            

Trivial Pursuit : Who is the master of general knowledge and can help their team to win the trivial pursuit challenge? At a checkpoint along the route, an instructor will test your trivia knowledge, the team with the most correct answers will earn the bonus. It is also possible to submit your own questions for this assignment.            

Bad Luck : Somewhere along the route one of our instructors will stop you, your bad luck begins….Which team can change a tire the fastest? You will need teamwork, good coordination, and communication to win this challenge. The fastest team will get the bonus points.

Programm Example

  • Event welcome
  • Briefing and instructions
  • Car Puzzle tour Amsterdam
  • Pitstop
  • Part two of the event
  • Prize giving


2,5 hours


  •  Blijburg - Amsterdam Oost 
  • Amstel Boathouse 

Prices starting at

  • Car Puzzle tour Amsterdam 4 - 10 cars € 60,00 per car
  • Car Puzzle tour Amsterdam 10 cars or more € 50,00 per car

Costs extensions

  • Segway challenge € 12.00 p.p. (optional)
  • Music quiz € 5.00 p.p. (optional)
  • Car bowling € 5.00 p.p. (optional)
  • Trivia Challenge € 2.50 p.p. (optional)
  • Bad luck € 5.00 p.p. (optional)


This activity is avaiable throughout the whole year, at all the days of the week (due to avaibility). 

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