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Tours & Rallies Amsterdam

Looking for a original tour or rally in Amsterdam. Here you will find a list of the best tours and rallies in Amsterdam.

iPad City Tour Amsterdam
Who knows the most of Amsterdam? Discover Amsterdam with our fun iPad City Tour. Due to questions and information, you discover and experience the city of Amsterdam. You will see different famous spots of our beautiful city, Amsterdam.
Eco Solex Tour Amsterdam
Touring with a modern Eco Solex through Amsterdam, that will be fun! With this noiseless electromotor, you buzz through the streets looking for the right route. The Eco Solex Tour brings you to all different and fun spots in Amsterdam.
Canoe canals of Amsterdam
Enjoy the canals of Amsterdam with a canoe! These canoes are specially made for the water of Amsterdam. They are fast and are rotating well. You will learn the basic techniques very quick and then we can sail the waters.
Cityrally Amsterdam
A relaxing tour with different kind of transport vehicles through Amsterdam! This Cityrally is a full-day program where all sights of Amsterdam will be seen.
Car Puzzle Tour Amsterdam
During this car puzzle tour, it is not about speed but about the knowledge, orientation skills and giving the right instructions to the chauffeur. The chauffeur is one of you! You are going on an adventure in the surroundings of Amsterdam during this car puzzle tour.
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