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Big Winter Event

Event description

Design your own winter event and brighten up your winter with a combination of our Winter Programs

A custom winter event is a combination of our best winter events on the Museum Square in Amsterdam or any other winter location of your choice. The Big Winter event can be organized as a team building activity or just a fun day out with your friends or family.

Ice Sculpting

Ice sculptures are made with clear blocks of ice which are shaped into a whatever you can create. With a little bit of talent, fantasy, creativity and a lot of fun you can try your hand at ice sculpting or ice carving as it is also known. With a hammer, a chisel, sanding  tools you will be carving your own creation and having a lot of fun.

At the beginning of the event we will choose a suitable (fun) theme. Once the theme has been decided you will get a brief instruction on the techniques of ice sculpting. Step one, draw your basic design on a sketchpad. Step two, gloves on and get stuck in! You will sculpt in groups so good teamwork is essential. Most important, have fun, sculpt and don’t forget to laugh!

Which sculptors will be in the race for the creativity prize? Which team had made the funniest, most original or craziest sculpture? Which team will be the ice cold winners? The jury will decide or the teams will judge each other, whichever way you look at it, it’s a very cool event!!

Fun Curling

Curling is originally a sport with its roots in The Netherlands. Glope Events is bringing it back! In this case we have made a few adjustments for the ice rink. With custom made Fun Curling stones and smaller brooms the trick is to get as many curling stones in the center ring as possible. In a thrilling team on team competition it comes down to steady hands, a fast broom and tactical placement of your Curling stones. The essential ingredient, teamwork between the curler, the sweepers and the team captain! Which team has the best curling skills?

Party on Ice

This event is all about fun and games, ice cold fun! Use your  boss as a curling stone or hurtle your colleagues down the ice-bowling alley. There are points to be earned and of course a prize for the winning team. Safety is paramount, all participants will be required to wear special ice shoes during this event. The Party on Ice event is based on a rotation program, all events will be held simultaneously and participants rotate from one event to the other. You can choose four activities from the following: Human Ice bowling, Human Curling, Rodel-slalom on Ice (ice sledge slalom racing), boules d'Ice, Fun Curling* (* for this activity there is a surcharge).

Pub Quiz

We all know the pub quiz, with a refreshing drink in one hand, let the games begin. Under the scrutiny of a real quiz master each team will strive to answer the round of questions. Question rounds will include a video round, photo recognition, buzz questions and a music round. Each correct answer will be awarded points, the team with the most points at the end of the quiz has bragging rights for the rest of the evening!

Apres Ski Quiz

The pub quiz in Apres Ski setting. Includes extra interactive challenges.

Ice hockey clinic

After practicing the basic techniques, game tactics and learning the rules we will play a real game of ice-hockey. Are you ready to take on your colleagues? Once the teams have been formed we can start the mini Ice-hockey tournament. This ice hockey clinic includes the use of ice-hockey sticks, helmets and protective gear. There may be a surcharge for the hire of the skate location and or ice-skates. 

Ice-skating clinic 

Most Dutch people learn to ice-skate at a young age, it is a popular national sport. How good is your technique? Ice-skating is a technical sport, it does not matter at what level you are, there is always more to learn and perfect. Can you corner on the Noor skates? This clinic can be tailored to every level, are you an experienced skater, this clinic can help you improve your technique. Is this your first time on the ice? This clinic can teach you the basics giving you the confidence to skate on your own. 

Programm Example

  • Welcome at the Museumplein icerink - with hot chocolate and or glühwein (optional)
  • Start of the Big Winter Event
  • Activity 1
  • Rotate activities 
  • Activity 2
  • End of event with a fun prize giving


Depending on the number of activities


* Please enquire for other locations near you.

Prices starting at

Depending on the number of activities. Please enquire for price details, we would be happy to send you a quote.

Costs extensions

Please enquire for optional extras and possibilities.


Availability is subject to the availability of the location (ice-rink). We advise you to book as early as possible due to the limited availability.

IJsbaan Museumplein is open from the 17th of November 2019 to the 5th of February 2020

Note! Due to the popularity of the ice-rink on the Museumplein there are set starting times:

10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00, 17:30, 19:00, 20:30 

Offer request


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